Through years of experience and working with clients worldwide, Manicdimensions have collected numerous feedbacks from satisfied clients. Here's what they say about Manicdimensions.

Mark’s prompt service and the quality of his work is second to none. We would happily recommend his services.

Anna Dawkins
hockingstuart Ballarat AUSTRALIA

We have used Manic and Mark’s services for several years now and on several different projects. We are very impressed with their prompt turnaround times and their great level of service. 

Vic Properties, AUSTRALIA

I used Mark's company for some design work and was very happy with the results. He was quick, accurate, and easy to work with. The price was fair as well. 

Joe Spencer
United States

The presentation of the final concept was amazing the customer loved it. 
Got council to approve the construction job from Mark's bloody good job very happy with the level of professional service. 

Andrew Fraser
Graphic Print, AUSTRALIA

I had a requirement to do the architectural design and space planning for a residential building in a location quite strange to Mark, but at the end I have a stunning 3D rendering of the house with an exciting floor plan, that received great feedback from those who have seen it. 
I have worked with architects in the past, but the great and important difference I have noticed is, Mark’s ability to make a very functional design without compromising the aesthetic appeal. 
Mark Nicolas is an astute professional, as he is a creative architect and a follower of best practices in communication and customer relationship. He is a mind reader as well; he will respond you with what you really needed when you think you told him what you wanted. 
His services are well defined, exceptional in quality, very time bound and highly cost effective. 

Salim Bava
Esteem Skills, USA

Once again Mark has provided another excellent piece of work for us 
Thank you very much Mark 
Best wishes from Joe 

Joe Rossi
Rossi Group, AUSTRALIA

Mark did 3D renderings for our new off-the-plan houses for Perth, Western Australia. 
The renderings, which were fantastic, contributed to fast sales and a much clearer proposition for the customer. 
I will be using Mark again for future projects. 

Michelle Carden
Aspire Property, AUSTRALIA

We were extremely happy with the service, communication and promptness. 
We would highly recommend Mark from Manic Dimensions for an excellent service. 

Mr. Frank Cerri

Mark is a first rate provider of Architectural 3D renderings and drawings. Him at the helm of his responsive company gives anybody who hires them very professional service and fast turnaround while rendering an affordable and cost effective solution to any 3d and graphics requirement. 

Alvic Doctolero
Project Manager at Caricari Lee Architects, United States

Manic Dimensions for us is a first rate provider of Architectural 3D renderings and drawings. 
Mark at the helm of this responsive company gives anybody who hires them very professional service and fast turnaround while rendering an affordable and cost effective solution to any 3d and graphics requirement. 
Kudos and More power to MD! 

Mr. Alvic Doctolero
ADG TriState, New Jersey, USA

I’ve had the privilege of working with Mark twice. 
The first time was for a Chapel Proj., of which must be presented within 2 days, the professional that he is, Mark accommodated me.I was so impressed with how well he interpreted my design, that I requested a night scene for my next project, the Pavillion . Again, I was not disappointed, he captured all the materials, details and drama the way I envisioned it. 
Surely, he has all the creativity, technical adeptness and discipline to interpret a design to an almost complete reality that could ‘wow’ your client. 
Two thumbs up! 

Arch. Cecilia D. Balagtas

I am very happy with the service and quality of work provided by Manic Dimensions. 
Mark communicated consistantly throughout the process and ensured we got the outcome I was after. 
I highly recommend Manic Dimensions. I will definately be using ManicDimensions on my next 3d Render. 
Kind Regards, 

Mark Rossi
Rossi Group, AUSTRALIA

Excellent quality job, easy communication, and very patient with my (my clients) liquid specification. 
Highly recommended. 
Kudos and More power to MD! 

Steve Howard
Reactive Media Networks Ltd, Innovation Centre, Marconi Way, Rochester, UK

Highly professionell level of cooperation 

Roland Walther
Modul Haus, AUSTRIA

We were pleased with the consistent high quality of the work produced by Mark at Manicdimensions. It was done as requested, on time and was excellent value for money. 

Doc G
Independent Medical Practice Professional

I used Mark to create 2, 3D rooms for my website. 
He did an excellent job in creating realisism in the 3D closets. 
The closets looked very appealing and the job was done very quickly. Although he is located in the Philipines, he was able to talk to me during my time zone (canada). 
If i have other projects in the future, i will be very willing to use Manic Dimensions again. 
Thank You 

Ms. Julia Herniak
EG Energy Controls Ltd, CANADA

Manic3D They have very good communication skills and very good quality of work. 
Thanks again We have recommended them to our friends and we will certainly use their services in the future. 

Joe Rossi
Rossi Group, AUSTRALIA

Manic 3D turned out to be everything and more that you expect. Professional work, on time, on budget. What I did not expect was all of the "extras" I recieved even thought my "office building concept" was a small job. 
Manic 3D provided sophisticated advice and many "details" in the concept images which resulted in a visually stunning final concept image which looks like it cost thousands of dollars more than my modest budget. 
Before selecting this service provider I looked through their impressive Website Portfolio. "What you see is What you get" The final design they provided was not a "watered down version" of the Web Portfolio display work, it was all original and at the same level of quality as the Manic 3D Portfolio material. 
One final comment. Manic 3D "listened" even though my "concept" changed slightly as the Job progressed, made the adjustments and still came in "on time and budget" - wow! 

Dr Charles Gervais
Gervais Medicine Professional Corporation, CANADA

Mark at Manicdimensions determined exactly what my project requirements were rightaway, dove into the project, and delivered a rendering that exceeded my expectations. 
Not only was the work of high quality, but he delivered it very fast. 
I was in a bit of time pinch, so his turn around time was greatly appreciated. 
I would recommend Mark for your project, and I hope to wok with him in the future. 

Mr. Tyler Quinn
Quinn Ventures Inc., Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

I met Mark few days before my American client arrives in Manila. I have a 72 hours deadline with a 3D rendering of a 10 acres resort hotel project in Mindanao. 
He saved my face and my company. The meeting with my client was a go-go! 
Fast and professional! 

Eng'r. Jerry Chin
Northcon Construction and Management Corp, PHILIPPINES

Excellent resource, you can trust your projects to be executed with speed and thoroughness. 

Tom Murdoch
Murdoch Marketing, HOLLAND

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